Below are some of the programmes YIELD was involved in:

LIFE – Leaders In Free Enterprise

Some of our other projects such as the LIFE programme focus on developing leadership skills amongst grade 12’s

We hosted 30 groups of, grade 12, learners from 7 different high schools as part of our LIFE Academy. Presenters included people from Price Waterhouse Coopers on career planning, our own Khutso Ramontja on Bursaries, the Sisters from Africa – on having a dream to live by their OLYMPIC dream, as well as inputs by Carmen De Vries on the principles of Leadership.

Learners, all had a project of reaching out to their community by sharing, caring through means of letters, small gifts, and postcards-adopting aged persons. We demonstrated that business, and leadership is linked to caring and sharing.


STEP – Skills Training and Enterprise Promotion

STEP, in partnership with Technikon South Africa has impacted tertiary students across South Africa.

In 2003, we further ran an entrepreneurship programme was run for tertiary students across the country in both rural and urban areas in the footprint of the distance learning educational system.

The STEP programme, was modeled on the YIELD programme. However, the programme necessitated by the level of tertiary students, allowed the workshop model to be adapted to meet requirements.

Both urban and rural communities from Limpopo Province, Kwazulu Natal, and Eastern Cape, were impacted through the teaching of unemployed people, whom studied to improve their lives. A total of 250 students in 13 campuses around the country were reached. Assistance was provided in Financial Literacy and dealing with myths about tax and registration, through exposure and equipping Step to the tax laws and the legal framework in the country for a business.

Our expert support comes from ABSA’s Financial Consultant, Ms Rhukhanya Hendricks, who believes with our programme, we can assist all small business specifically those that are unbankable . She further stated that SIFE-UWC students will raise the barriers of SMME as the answer of the economy and the future of our country.


Rural/Urban Renewal Programme

In 2004, YIELD partnered with the women of the urban renewal programme in Langa, Cape Town. Where focus is on poverty alleviation, food security and job creation. Teaching and sharing about food gardens to school children as a challenge.

We partnered with two women that volunteered from Langa and supported them to teach young people about, starting food gardens. Here we shared with learners the value of food gardens, the need to creative gardens in impoverished communities to enhance pride, self-esteem and self-worth. The food from the garden is used for soup that is given (daily) to clinic visitors at the Langa and Khayalitsha Hospital.


SIFE Programme

What is SIFE?

Founded in the United States in 1975, SIFE is a global, not-for-profit education organization that is improving the quality of life and standard of living around the world by teaching the principles and values of free market economics. Working in partnership with business and higher education, SIFE organizes, trains and motivates teams of university students who teach others an understanding of the principles and values of free enterprise.

SIFE defines free enterprise to include free market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success skills and business ethics. SIFE Teams are organized and guided by faculty advisors, named Free Enterprise Fellows. In the United States, they are named Sam M. Walton Free Enterprise Fellows in honor of Wal-Mart’s founder.

SIFE Teams conduct their educational outreach projects throughout the academic year and are given the opportunity to showcase them at national and global competitions where they present oral, audio visual and written summaries to judges comprised of top business leaders who determine which teams did the best job teaching others the principles of free enterprise and how well they equipped others with the tools necessary for success. National champions advance to the ultimate level of global competition, the SIFE World Cup.

The SIFE experience enables university students to reach their full potential by helping others reach theirs. Students acquire teamwork, leadership, communication and project management skills in a unique way, not typically gained through other university programs. This total SIFE experience equips SIFE alumni to develop into successful entrepreneurs and top recruits for leading companies, large and small, such as KPMG, Unilever, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Wal-Mart and dozens more.

SIFE students make a positive difference in the lives of others.

For instance, many single mothers and families have been taught the tools and skills to help them move off government aid such as learning how to budget responsibly, achieve a higher educational success, interview successfully to land a job or even start their own businesses.

SIFE students encourage youngsters to dream big dreams. Then they help level the playing field by teaching children the skills needed to achieve them. SIFE teaches the importance of getting a sound education, developing the right attitude and acquiring the skills necessary for success.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs become more successful through SIFE because SIFE students take the lessons they learn in the classroom and apply them to help solve real-life problems.

Communities become better as SIFE Teams teach citizens, employers, workers and consumers a better understanding of how free markets work in a global economy. SIFE Teams teach basic concepts like how entrepreneurs identify and fill a need, how individuals can make the most of their talent and income and why sound ethics are a key component for the long-term success of individuals and businesses.

Joining the SIFE family brings SIFE donors the opportunity to support these outstanding programs and the added value of a quality networking opportunity with the prominent business leaders, students and educators who are part of the SIFE success network.

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SAGE Programme

What is SAGE?

Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship-SAGE-is an international network that links secondary school student organizations to mentors from local universities and businesses. Its purpose is to advance global entrepreneurship in an ethical and socially-responsible manner.

This web site provides information for high schools, colleges, universities and businesses who want to join the SAGE network. To participate in SAGE, high school students complete projects related to entrepreneurship/business project and community service. Any high school with an active business organization, like DECA, FBLA, Junior Achievement, Virtual Enterprise, FFA, FHA-Hero, Skill USA, or Technology Student Association, is welcome to participate.

In completing these projects, we encourage the high school team to work closely with a nearby community college or university with a team of active Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE). SIFE teams recruit local business and civic leaders to evaluate the quality of the high school projects at the end of each academic year.

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