YIELD – UWC started operation in 2002.

With a mission to legalise , formalize and grow sustainable small business amongst young people in townships and rural communities. Growing and stimulating ethical practices and equipping participants for embarking on establishing their own businesses.

The following is the key programmes embarked upon us:

  1. Yield – schools programme
  2. STEP Programme
  3. LIFE Programme
  4. Rural/Urban project – food gardens
  5. Road to Athens – sisters of Africa partnership
  6. SIFE Programme
  7. The project leader, Khutso Ramontja, project leader and facilitator, has seen the growth and the challenges of student’s involvement in changing lives over the past years. He and senior facilitator and researcher Mr. Lincoln Pilane, believes that youth have the potential to be nurtured and that will contribute to South Africa ‘s economic growth.

They led a team that is compassionate, passionate, and enthusiastic about the works of YIELD. This is a team that endeavors to challenge the future. These two seniors shared their skills, their knowledge and their love for youth with schools, students as well as on the global stage. They acknowledge the roles of YIELD at UWC.


SIFE Member partook in HSBC Tall Ship Youth Trust Voyage of Understanding
SAGE Team – 3rd in 2005 World Cup
SIFE UWC 2005 Team – RSA Champions